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Gaya Island Group [BoheyDulang] is made up of three steep islands separated by a narrow, Dive BohedulangDive the old Pearl Farmshallow channels left over from a long-extinct volcano, with the remainder of the crater submerged as a shallow reef. The island group was once home to a Japanese pearl farm, and remnants can still be seen on one of the islands and in several places underwater. According to well-known marine biologist Dr. Natalie Wood, the shallow rim to the south has excellent coral growth that easily outnumbers the species found on the Great Barrier Reef. At depths ranging from 1m to 20m, there are a plethora of small but rare fish to be found. Larger fish, such as Eagle Rays and Trevally, can be found in the channel leading to Mantabuan on the northern side of the island group.

Mantabuan Island, located behind the ancient volcano of BoheyDulang, is approximately 40 minutes away from Semporna. The Black Coral Forest, its best dive site, is located at the end of a gentle slope at a depth of 25m-30m. Huge bushes of the precious coral can be found there, ranging in colour from white to neon green to purple. Turtles are frequently seen resting there, and eagle rays can be seen overhead when the current picks up. The massive coral boulders at shallower depths are ideal for looking for lobsters, frogfish, and a wide variety of other coral fish. Some of the best soft coral and large table coral can be found at nearby Mantabuan 2, an underwater mountain that rises from 60m to a depth of 10m below the surface, often with nurse sharks or blue spotted stingrays resting beneath. Dive sites further North and West of the island, on the other hand, are excellent for spotting Turtles, Barracudas, and a variety of smaller critters.

Sibuan Island, locally known as 'Battleship Island' for it‘s extinctive shape, is located app. 30 mins by speed boat from Semporna. Sibuan is one of the smallest islands in the whole bay but it is very popular for swimmers and snorkelers and certainly the most photographed island after Sipadan. Sibuan Island got a gentle falling, white sandy beach that is perfect for swimmers and non swimmers alike, someone can play in the shallows without being worried about stepping on any sharp coral. Further outside, at the drop off, there are beautiful coral formations to discover with plenty of fish hiding in between. The unique cuttlefish as well as turtles and sting rays can be seen here quite often. More experienced divers will appreciate the chance to get close up to mandarin fish, frog fish and ghost pipe fish. With its combination of shallow plateaus and steep slopes this little treasure island is a regular stop over during our Open Water Diver Courses and experienced diver programs.