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Mataking Island actually consists of two islands only separated at high tide by a long sand bank. The islands of Mataking are just north of Boheyan and became famous in 1998 when a Scandinavian film crew stayed on the islands for several month to produce a "Robinson" TV series. The islands have a magnificent white sandy beach with swaying coconut trees. Both islands are surrounded by a large, very long coral reef that slopes from knee deep to about 80m. Groupers and large trevallys, schools of barracudas and lots of spotted rays can be seen at the various dive sites around here. We also have discovered a plateau in 30m depth where grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, nurse sharks, even hammerheads, and large eagle rays can be observed whenever the current gets really strong..

Pom-Pom Island is a recently discovered dive location, and a spectacular wall dive has just been discovered there. There were numerous hollows and crannies to explore, which were teeming with creatures like painted spiney lobsters and not to mention the lovely nudibranchs and gobies.

Timba- Timba Island is known for its beautiful beaches, which are ideal for spotting rare marine life such as large cuttlefish, frog fish, crab, sea snakes, and sometimes nurse sharks hiding under table coral. Other common sightings besides turtles include blue ribbon eels, moray eels, barracudas, lobster, large coral trout, and snappers.